Sexed girls sold as minced meat

Sexed girls sold as minced meat

World January 24, 2018 07:39

vancouver - Neighbors and fellow villagers from the Canadian serial killer Robert 'Willy' Pickton appear to have eaten pork minced from the man for years, in which remains of his victims were ground.

He even supplied local butchers.

The rich specialist farmer was arrested when he had already made 49 victims. The man lived as a hermit in a caravan. The prostitutes he invited, all ended up drugged at the slaughter. He fed their bodies to the pigs, but some 'nice pieces' of meat went into the meat grinder to make minced meat.

Even the local police ate were minced in the spaghetti. He did not eat himself, because he did not like Italian food that much, he excused himself.

The judge sentenced him to life in 2007. Willy has never known. He always laughed at relatives in court.

But to a cellmate, an undercover agent, he finally confessed everything. He laughed to the policeman how he drank soup from bowls made of human skulls. How he had horribly abused and killed drug addicted women who were never missed by anyone. And how the notables of the village ate minced meat in which he had mixed the grinded women's bodies.

Twenty-six murders he admitted. He is suspected of about twenty others. But he can not remember, he says.

Pickton could have been caught in 1997, were it not for the police to sleep when a bloody woman reported to the desk. She was turned away. The agents believed the rich pig farmer rather than a heroin whore.

Eventually he fell through the basket. Officers found freezers full of chopped off limbs from the farmer.

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