Sex has to help panda 'forward'

World October 23, 2017 13:00

berlin - The panda 'Meng Meng' has been running backwards recently. Her caregivers in Berlin have the necessary headaches through the strange behavior, and try to help the panda with some distraction in the form of a horny male.

The behavior of the 4-year-old panda is explained by frustration. Also puberty plays along. 'It's a protest against things she does not like,' says the director of the zoo against the Berliner Zeitung. 'Maybe it's the caregivers, maybe the food. '

Jiao Qing, a three-year-old male panda, has to help her. A romance could remedy the 'boredom' of everyday life. Between February and May, the pandas will be assembled, as happens more often with giant pandas. The period is valid as a summer season.

'By that time, she is sexually mature and can focus all the energy on seduction of her partner,' said director Andreas Knieriem.

Both pandas are the prank jewel of the Berlin zoo, and part of a diplomatic deal between Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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