Sensual fresco found in Pompeii

Sensual fresco found in Pompeii

World November 19, 2018 17:48

rome - Archaeologists have uncovered a fresco in the ancient city of Pompeii near Naples with the supreme god Zeus, who in the guise of a swan is making love with Princess Leda. The excavation site revealed the discovery of this 'scene full of sensuality' on Monday. The fresco was found in the bedroom of a house on Via del Vesuvio.

In the old city, which was buried by the ashes of Vesuvius in 79 AD, the myth of Zeus and Leda enjoyed great popularity. The motif was already found in different houses. The now discovered painting shows the naked Leda sitting with the swan on her lap. 'The extraordinary discoveries continue,' writes general director Massimo Osanna of the archaeological park on Instagram.

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