Senegal develops sunscreen for albinos

Senegal develops sunscreen for albinos

World July 7, 2016 16:06

dakar - Albinos in Africa tend to go on the run for knives and firearms, because parts of their bodies are used by traditional witches potions and salves. The biggest enemy of the albino is the sun. Many are not skin cancer by more than forty years.

In the West African country of Senegal has recently become a sunscreen specifically for albinos retails for 12.50 euros converted. That makes the purchase limit for most of the 10 000 albinos is too high in the country, the purchase price ie a sixth of an average monthly salary. The product is developed in Senegal itself and is also produced there.

With albinism lack the pigment melanin in the skin or hair in whole or in part. The characteristic white skin is particularly sensitive to sunlight and burns quickly.
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