'Secret' research from 1965 already linked sugar to cancer

World November 23, 2017 19:21

amsterdam - A study from 1965 with a link between sugar and cancer has mysteriously withdrawn. The research was sponsored by the Sugar Research Foundation, which published a year later a study in which the same heart diseases were linked to fat.

'Project 259 was called the study. Researchers found a clear link between the high consumption of sucrose and sugar use. Moreover, they found indications for a link with bladder cancer after rat examination. However, the research was never published because the money tap was suddenly closed, as Professor Christin Kearns (University of California) discovered who exchanged letters between the Foundation and scientists.

Kears made a reconstruction of the sudden cessation of research money and the cessation of publication. The case again sheds light on the questionable methods of the sugar industry, according to Kears. According to her, it had long been clear that, for example, the link with cancer deserved further research.

The Suger Research Foundation, now known as the Sugar Association, says in a reaction that the study was terminated 'because it had already cost too much and because it was much too late, so that an internal restructuring had already taken place', says a spokesperson against CNN.

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