Search in more San Bernardino

Search in more San Bernardino

World December 11, 2015 12:14

- Divers from the FBI have a more Thursday in San Bernardino investigated near the spot where last week was a shooting. The couple living in the Californian city fourteen people shot dead and 21 others wounded, would have been at the lake.

The FBI will not say where exactly are sought, but according to US media is going to include the hard drive of a computer that the gunmen may have been thrown into the water. Rizwan Syed Farook and his wife Tasheen Malik would have been seen at the lake. If that was before or after the shooting is not known. The search may take a few days.

It also examined whether Farooq had contacts with the Sohiel Omar Kabir was born in Afghanistan, which last year with another is condemned for terrorist organization al- Qaeda supported in attacks on US troops in Afghanistan.

Sources in the US government told Reuters on Thursday that Malik before the attack had tried in vain to establish contact with several Islamic militant groups. But its overtures were ignored.

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