Screen iPad Mini 4 better screen than iPad Pro

Screen iPad Mini 4 better screen than iPad Pro

Tech November 18, 2015 10:00

- The iPad Mini 4 has all current tablets from Apple the best screen. This is evident from extensive testing Display Mate. Screen scored in all categories ' very good' or 'great'. Remarkably, the device Apple's new flagship, the iPad Pro, also defeats.

The image of the 7.9-inch tablet is praised by the site to the accuracy with which colors are displayed, the brightness of ambient light and how little the glass reflects light. Only the contrast ratio, the testers were not entirely positive, although it scoore ultimately this a ' very good'. The results are striking because the previous version scored just bad, especially in terms of color accuracy. The iPad Pro meanwhile scored slightly less well in all categories and is in second place, behind the Mini. The tablet scored compared to other tablets otherwise very good, even compared to last year released the iPad Air 2. The category in which the Pro scored best was power consumption.

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