Scioli wins elections Argentina

Scioli wins elections Argentina

World October 26, 2015 09:40

- The Argentine governor Daniel Scioli on Sunday won the first round of the Argentine presidential election. However, it seems that there will be a second round of voting because Scioli would not have achieved the necessary majority.

In Argentina, a presidential candidate must gain 45 percent of the vote to be allowed to hold office if he should get 40 percent of the vote with a lead of 10 percentage points on the other candidates. According to one of the polls has Scioli 39.4 percent of the votes, followed by his main opponent, Mauricio Macri. The liberal mayor of Buenos Aires could count on 29.2 percent of the vote.

For the first time the Argentine people could not vote in twelve years a member of the Kirchner family. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been president since 2007, but she was constitutionally barred from a third term. The Kirchner spoke earlier its support for Governor Scioli.

The approximately twenty million voting Argentines have not only voted for a presidential candidate, also voted for governors, mayors, senators and numerous other officials.

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