Scientists: ban on glitters

World November 29, 2017 11:03

wellington - Everyone knows: glitter after parties or parties you hardly get rid of your body or clothes. Scientists want to get rid of the sticky decoration. In fact, there must be a global ban because of the ecological dangers.

Environmental scientists believe that the risk of pollution, especially in the oceans, is too great to ignore and that therefore the small plastic particles must be banned.

'All glitters must be banned because it is microplastic,' Dr. Trisia Farrelly of Massey University in New Zealand against Valley News. Microplastic is described as 'plastic' that is smaller than five millimeters.

Because the glitters are so small, they become attractive for several animals to eat. According to a study by Professor Richard Thompson, plastic was found in one-third of the fish caught in Britain.

'I was worried when my daughter came home with a shower gel with particles of glitters. That stuff flushes through the well and then also potentially pollutes the environment, 'says Thompson.

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