School play goes horribly wrong

School play goes horribly wrong

World July 13, 2016 16:06

- A play on a school has turned Mexico into a drama when the stage caught fire. Two girls suffered severe burns. The responsible teacher is fired.

Pictures from the incident at a secondary school in Izúcar de Matamoros shows how a student throws a burning candle on the cardboard decor. Quickly grab the flames around him and the 16-year-old Veronica and the 17-year-old Athziri, sitting under the cardboard, are completely surprised.

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To see how the clothes and the hair flying on one of the girls on fire. The other girl is running in panic off the stage.

According to the Mirror had a teacher the students instructions to make everything as realistic as possible. Of one of the victims family would have asked for his resignation.


Because there was no accident, the treatment of the girls is not covered by the insurance of the school, the newspaper writes. One of the girls is still in the hospital where she is being treated for her burns.

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