Schiphol is liable for delay

Schiphol is liable for delay

World May 12, 2017 06:42

schiphol - The organizations Claimingo and Reisrecht will formally assume Schiphol and airline companies formally responsible for the delays caused by passengers in the May holidays due to the far-reaching rows at the airport. Hundreds of demeaners have reported themselves to Claimingo and Reisrecht.

'We are in charge of double liability,' says jurist Alexander Colenbrander of Claimingo on Friday in The Telegraph. 'Waiting time is largely due to security checks from the airport. But the airline, where you have to check in or issue your suitcase, and the passport control state can blame for the unreasonable delay, because for example, too few tables and bins are open in peaks. '

Fly passengers are claiming that, in principle, Colenbrander's damage claims to all parties involved. 'They have to figure it out. Otherwise we will turn the judge in for a judgment. '

Schiphol announced last week, after consultation with Deputy State Secretary Sharon Dijksma (Infrastructure), measures for the summer that should prevent a chaos in the May holidays.

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