Safer driving thanks to new app

Safer driving thanks to new app

Tech June 22, 2017 09:39

swedish - Thanks to a new app, drivers can safely drive safely without looking at their phones, whatsapping or texting behind the wheel. Via Vipconn, drivers will contact their own personal assistant, who will call and make appointments and make notes. The app automatically blocks all other apps on the smartphone, which distract traffic while driving.

The app will automatically turn on if Bluetooth connects with the car. The driver can then only contact a personal assistant, such as a partner, family member, secretary or app member, via an orange screen. Because everybody can be a personal assistant, people who are at home can sign up as an operator and so on.

Vipconn wants to end the many accidents and unsafe traffic traffic situations through mobile calling and the use of internet and social media. Worldwide, 3000 people perish daily by calling or social media use while driving. In the Netherlands, there are six hundred deaths every year and injured to regret.

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