'Russian hackers wrote fake message Qatar'

'Russian hackers wrote fake message Qatar'

Tech June 7, 2017 10:06

doha - The Qatar crisis in the Middle East is due to Russian hackers, CNN reported on the basis of US officials. It is not clear whether the hackers acted on behalf of the Kremlin, but one of the sources said that in Russia, 'not much happens without government's blessing.'

The hackers would have broken into the state press office of Qatar a while ago. On May 23, that published a message in which the head of state, the emir, expressed a positive opinion about Iran. According to Qatar, the message was fake news, the emir would not have held a speech at all. Nevertheless, Qatar was boycotted this week by Iran's arch enemies, including the forces of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Ambassadors have been recalled and resigned, all flights to and from Qatar have been abolished, trading is prohibited and the Al-Jazeera TV channel is blocked from Qatar.

According to sources, the FBI, the US federal detective, sent researchers to Qatar. The British justice is also involved in the investigation.

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