Russian couple suspected of cannibalism after finding body parts

Russian couple suspected of cannibalism after finding body parts

World September 25, 2017 18:39

krasnodar - The police of the Russian city of Krasnodar arrested a couple from that city on suspicion of murder and cannibalism. The couple would have killed a woman in a beastly manner at the beginning of September. After that they made selfish parts of the piece cut into pieces.

The local authorities found the suspects on track because the chief suspect lost his mobile phone. It turned out to be the airy pictures. The man and woman lived in an apartment building of an officer's training.

In their home, victims were found body parts, including brine in a weck bottle. In the freezer there was also meat of unknown origin.

The police said Monday that it will be investigated whether the couple is responsible for more atrocities. Local media in Krasnodar spoke of a series of cannibal killings that had already begun in 1999.

On DailyMail's website are shocking pictures (note: not suitable for sensitive viewers).

The images that spread international media show, among other things, a head on a scale with oranges.

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