Rumors about stop iPhone X

Rumors about stop iPhone X

World January 22, 2018 11:51

cupertino - The rumors are swelling that Apple is going to take the expensive iPhone X out of the market. Customers find the device too expensive and too little innovative and the screen too small.

The well-established site 'Apple Insider' quotes a report from a Chinese analyst who concludes that sales would be disappointing. Especially in the growth market China there would be too little interest in the device. They prefer the 8 Plus with a larger screen.

The site suspects that Apple will cease production this summer. Apple itself does not want to comment on a possible production stop.

Analyst Zhang Bin of Sinolink Securities says in the Daily Mail that Apple will ship the first quarter of this year still 35 million of the X. That would be ten million less than what the company first thought of.

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