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- The fiancée American Meghan Markle and the British prince Harry prince get a residence in the London complex of Kensington Palace, named after the village of Kensington that once lay there.

A mansion was erected there at the beginning of the seventeenth century. That was bought in 1689 by the English king William III from the Netherlands, in our country stadtholder Willem III (1650-1702). Willem wanted the smelly, wet center of London as quickly as possible and thought the mansion was a wonderful place for a royal stay. He and his wife Mary built a palace there. Both died in this building, which was subsequently expanded by several British monarchs.

Despite the fact that Kensington Palace is very popular with many 'royals', it has never become an official palace for the monarch. The last ruling monarch who lived there was George II (1683-1760). His successor (George III) did not like it and therefore decided to offer living space to family members. This function of 'royal home' still has it.

The royal couple does not live there and the crown prince Charles lives further in Clarence House. But a whole series of other 'royals' inhabit parts of Kensington Palace or houses next to it. The British princes William and Harry grew up here, but their mother Diana Spencer (1961-1997) would have found it oppressive. The princes now live there both, but not where their mother lived. That apartment is completely dismantled and is inhabited by staff, according to British media.

Among the other residents of royal blood are the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and the Duke and Duchess of Kent. Some pay high rents. Meghan is going to live with Harry in Nottingham Cottage, one of the buildings on the north side of the actual palace. Their neighbor Edward is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth. Parts of the imposing palace are open to the public. The orangerie is now a restaurant and priceless parties are given by private individuals.

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