Royal swans counter started

Royal swans counter started

World July 18, 2016 16:48

london - David Barber, the royal swans counter Britain, on Monday launched its annual job: identify how many young swans recently crawled on the banks of the River Thames from the egg. The boy weighed, measured, examined and ringed.

The tradition dates back to the twelfth century, when Swan was a delicacy and like was served at the banquets of the monarchy. Since then include all unmarked swans in open water to the British royal family. In practice, Elizabeth II only claim poultry from a particular part of the river. Swan, however, is no longer on the menu.

Yet the population of swans on the Thames is not going well. Barber had his uniformed team last year at the London-Oxford but 83 juveniles. In 2014 there were still 120. He suspects including attacks caused by stray dogs of the downturn and fears a 'swan song.'
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