Router as internetspor

Router as internetspor

Tech November 6, 2015 13:45

- Consumers who are not anywhere in the house have a good wifi signal, often seek refuge in so-called extenders. Several companies are working on systems to ensure a ubiquitous WiFi network. Luma is one of the new router systems which in addition to a good signal also provides extensive intelligence capabilities.

The Luma system consists of several routers scattered in the home can be placed so that the wifi signal is uneven. The routers do form a network so there is no need to sign up again when the signal comes from another router. Incidentally, it is also possible to place only one single Luma router in the home.

Is an app associated with the Luma offering users comprehensive management. While it can be useful to check if the children do not attend all day on Facebook and Instagram, not every member of the household can appreciate the espionage.

The app not only shows all the devices connected to the network, but also shows what the devices are doing. So see which servers the smart thermostat is connected, and which websites or apps the children and partner to watching on their smartphone or tablet. The data is stored for one year.

While the administrator can set that not all users see the Internet activity, he can this option is also very easy to undo. Moreover, there is only one administrator can be appointed.

For monitoring children router also has a built-in content filter aboard. The app can be specified to what content individual users should have access. A time limit can also be set so that children can be online all afternoon.

The Luma expected to be published next year on the market.

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