Rouhani has a headline in elections in Iran

Rouhani has a headline in elections in Iran

World May 20, 2017 06:09

teheran - Iran's current president, 68-year-old Hassan Rouhani is expected to be the winner of the Iranian presidential elections held on Friday. After counting 37 of the 41 million votes cast, the moderate Rouhani is 21.6 million votes.

'It's over, Rouhani is the winner,' said an Iranian source against Reuters press office. Conservative candidate Ebrahim Raisi (56) does not get more than 14 million votes in the interim interim. The other candidates played no role in meaning.

About seventy percent of the 56 million voting Iranians cast their vote. After the official closing, the voters still in line could still vote, the state television reported.

The closing of polling stations was postponed on Friday a couple of times due to the high turnout that led to long-term voters. The polling stations closed six hours later than planned. The official election results are expected Saturday afternoon.

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