Roof million digital coins

Roof million digital coins

Tech June 18, 2016 12:09

- The digital currency Ether, which is in the interest beside the Bitcoin banks as payment, there appear Friday millions stolen. Criminals have more than € 71 million program diverted.

The 3.6 million units according to webzine Reddit were taken from DAO, an independent online project with a total of $ 162 million Ethers was funded this year.

The price of the crypto currency Ether or Ethereum fell after the hack by over 25%. By the fall, and the news trading the currency was temporarily halted.
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Ether is used in the so-called block chain technology, which also supports the digital currency Bitcoin. Block Chain is used in trials by large banks.

DAO was established in May and used so-called open source software, made by Slock. it, a working group from Germany which has fully focused on Ethers. The coins will finance DAO new projects to get initiatives off the ground. Participants have the right to vote on projects.

According to the company compared Reddit has not been lost everything and everything is done to retrieve the coins. A part of the transactions would have been frozen.

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