Robot must support child with cancer

Robot must support child with cancer

Tech June 9, 2017 09:27

amsterdam - Scientists are working to develop a robot friend to assist children with cancer. Such a robot must be a personal and compassionate companion for patients at times when parents can not be there.

A research team led by the Center Mathematics \u0026 amp; Informatics (CWI) in Amsterdam is working on it.

'Treatments where a family can not be present, for example, due to radiation hazards, only children must be able to withstand. The stress they experience may hamper treatment and may be a traumatic experience with long-term adverse psychological effects for the child,' said a spokesperson. The team thinks that the robot, Marv called, can reluctantly offer.

This robot must also prepare a child for medical interventions, determine his emotional state and offer him or her distraction. The CWI is working with company partner ASolutions to develop the software that can help the child's emotional state from facial expressions, speech and movements.

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