Rich horror doctor gives 18 years of expensive treatments to healthy patients

Rich horror doctor gives 18 years of expensive treatments to healthy patients

World May 16, 2018 13:36

- An American doctor has been charged with treating patients for 18 years with diseases they did not have at all. With the money he earned with it, he led a luxury life. Even children received unnecessary treatments from the horror doctor.

Expensive penthouses, luxury cars and even a private jet: just a selection of all the expensive stuff that Dr. Jorge Zamora-Quesada bought with all the money he earned.

Meanwhile, he has to renounce his luxury lifestyle, because he is in the cell. The FBI is working on a big investigation against the man, asking all patients of doctor Zamora-Quesada to contact a special hotline. CNN writes that.

The FBI estimates that the fraud doctor has committed fraud totaling some $ 240 million (about EUR 204 million). He is suspected not only for fraud, but also for endangering the lives of children, the elderly and physically and mentally disabled people.

CNN spoke to several victims. For example, the 19-year-old Roselie Ibarra was diagnosed with arthritis. Every time she came to the doctor, he did blood tests and X-rays were taken. 'He also gave me one injection in my back. He wanted to give more, but I refused, 'says Ibarra. Meanwhile, she doubts whether she really has arthritis and should have herself re-examined.

The 70-year-old Maria Zapata also received this diagnosis. For the arthritis she repeatedly received injections in her knee. But her complaints did not decrease. 'He may have made it worse,' the woman fears. That she has no arthritis at all, other doctors have already established.

In addition, the man who runs three hospitals would also have given people chemotherapy. They may not even have cancer.

The horror doctor is suspected of using a money laundering in Mexico. He also invested millions of dollars in expensive cars, including a personalized Maserati with its own initials. He also owns two penthouses, a flat in a ski resort and several houses and buildings in Texas. The icing on the cake, Zamora-Quesada has a private jet. Value? One million dollars (848,000 euros).

The doctor's wife has denied all accusations against the American news channel ABC13. She stays behind her husband: 'There has been no fraud. We are 100 percent sure of that. I am very proud that I am the wife of doctor Jorge Zamora-Quezada. '

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