Review: Speedlink mice

Review: Speedlink mice

Tech July 1, 2016 15:51

- The mouse is an underrated PC accessory. Everyone uses one, but few people pay attention to it. Hardware manufacturer Speedlink has however been thinking about good and has introduced several models, each with its own gimmick. Let's see if they really add something to the 'mouse experience.

The Calado main function he is silent. Yes, I know: I have never heard anyone complain about loud mice, but Speedlink is thought that there is demand. Anyway, for those few people who are really fond of all that loud clicking sound: the Calado is indeed quiet.

Furthermore, it is also an excellent mouse. He is nice and small and therefore easy to cram into a laptop bag, it feels great in the hand and has two additional buttons below the thumb that can be set separately. In addition, he is also quite cheap, which makes it perfect option for business users who are frequently on the move.
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The Manejo is a so-called 'vertical mouse. It's a bit tricky to describe how you hold such a thing, but think of the way you hold your hand when you want to give someone a hand. In the palm than fits this Manejo. The idea is that keeping your hand this way is much more ergonomic and therefore is less likely to RSI.

It takes some getting used to, but the mousing be appetizing. It really feels like you're holding hands in a more natural way. There are some to name a few hiccups. For example, the mouse is a little too light and therefore he feels quite cheap. It is also unfortunate that there are no extra buttons under the thumb, as in the Calado. And use the wireless version, you have to careful that you turn off the mouse after use, otherwise the batteries are so empty.

All in all, the design of the Manejo fine, but there are quite a number of snags on the device, especially for the price that is asking for Speedlink.
     The Speedlink Manejo
     The Speedlink Aptico

The Aptico is a trackball. For the people with no known there: in fact it is an inverted mouse where you with a finger- thumb in this case- a ball to move the cursor on the screen. You do therefore also not him to move over a surface.

The Aptico has a fine design in which you can lose your entire hand comfortably on the device. That makes sure that it is quite a hefty creature and therefore is not directly suitable for pad.

At first feel this trackball is a little light, but in practice nothing to prove. It is, after all, no need to push him over the table, and with two rubber pads on the bottom he remains also lie where 'he is.

The usage is very used to. You control the cursor once with your thumb and it still feels very strange when a normal mouse are used. Do not get me wrong: after an hour it is doing all fine and you do not get better after a day. Nice is that there are three additional buttons are provided which are easy to reach with the index finger.

Altogether the Aptico is a fine alternative to a traditional mouse. It feels great in the hand and offers many options.

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