Review: Safety Guard GPS

Review: Safety Guard GPS

Tech February 19, 2016 18:07

- An e-bike, motorcycle, car and boat are valuables and thus sought after objects of criminals. The Danish DanTracker has developed a GPS tracker with a battery that lasts up to ten years. Through an accompanying smartphone app lets you keep an eye on where your things are. Look how convenient that is.

The Safety Guard GPS is a black elongate rod which is more than 20 cm long and has a diameter of 2.5 cm. Most space is occupied by the built-in battery that lasts for ten years according to the manufacturer. Furthermore, it features a built-in SIM chip which ensures that the position is forwarded to GPS range. The housing is solid and the unit continues to operate at temperatures from-40 to +85 degrees. Furthermore, it is water and shock resistant.

There are three different versions of the Safety Guard GPS, the IA has an internal antenna, the EA external antenna and the SPY has a strong magnet to attach it under a vehicle.

For the tracker in the subject of your choice can be installed, it must first be created an account on the website of DanTracker. Here, the customer must first specify which tracker has. In my case the IA with the corresponding serial number. It should be specified for which the tracker is used and in the case of car, motorcycle or scooter requested the license plate. It is not mandatory to fill in the (personal) data. Finally, you must choose a password for your account. You will be asked to choose a secure password, but then this password will be sent to you by mail. If the account is created, you must have a subscription. This costs € 60 per year or € 8 per month. Shake the tracker then at least 5 seconds in the air to activate it. Thereafter, the tracker can be blocked.

Given the size of the tracker is not easy to hide it well. On a bicycle manufacturer recommends to hide him in the saddle, before that, however, requires the version with external antenna. The review copy to clog an internal antenna and the absence of an engine, tractor, scooter and boat, I decide the device but in my car. Many hiding places I can not see, so a little criminal knows where to find it. Moreover, there are devices that capture GPS signals. The Safety Guard GPS sends out a continuous signal, but five minutes after the vehicle is stationary. Small effort for a thief to turn the vehicle is stopped 5 minutes to check if there is a GPS module in it. Because of the size, the device will in most cases not be difficult to detect. The thief tosses the tracker in the shoulder and continues undisturbed his way.

Through the app DanTracker Lite allows the user to see the location of the tracker and the status of the device, as the number of tracks, the battery percentage and subscription duration. Further, the user can enable or disable the Live mode and alarm function. The live mode means that the tracker also during movement through their position. If the alarm is activated, the user will receive a notification when a new position is sent.

In addition to the free version, there is also a paid version of the app. Users can not escape this, because every time the Lite app is launched, a popup appears asking if he wants to buy the Pro version. This version has a price of € 12.99. For this amount, two additional functions are to be used. Geofence makes it possible to pre-select a given area and receive a notification when the tracker is outside this area. You can also see in the paid version where the tracker is all in the past.

The manufacturer says the battery will last for ten years, but this is the time in standby mode. When the module is placed in a vehicle regularly moves the lifespan is much shorter. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts up to 14. 000 GPS tracks along. By default, the module is in standby mode. Even if the article in which the tracker is going to move, he will remain in this mode. Only after 5 minutes without moving the tracker gives a GPS location by.

The Safety Guard GPS (IA) has a suggested retail price of € 199, but can be found online all for € 181. The EA version costs € 239 and € 219 Spy. There are already GPS tracking systems on sale for € 60 as the Mini GPS Tracker, the battery of this device, however, is at most a week, and must then be recharged. To the system are not associated subscription fees, the position request comes SMS with the associated cost per message. The MyGPSTracker 3. 0 (€ 199) includes a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 21 days and to use the system should be subscribed at € 120 per year.

The GPS Safety Guard has one function and that show where the tracker is located. That works fine. So parking very difficult in my neighborhood and I must always think where I've parked my car again. During the test period, opening the DanTracker app was enough. However, this feature is the price tag too high. Although it must be said that the price that bad compared to many competing systems. It is also one of the few systems with such a long battery life. For people looking for a GPS tracking system and do not always want to charge the battery, it is also a good option.

However, both purchase price and monthly best sharply. Like the price of the paid app. Those costs, however, offer any guarantee that the vehicle will actually detect is. Because of the size of the device, it is not to hide well. The few hiding places will be soon known by the thieves. In addition, they can see through dedicated device if there is a GPS tracker is present in an object. The tracker can thus easily be removed from the vehicle, after which the tracker, but the vehicle can no longer be detected. I keep himself provisionally find where I parked my car.

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