Review: Raumfeld Sound Deck

Review: Raumfeld Sound Deck

Tech July 22, 2016 09:42

- The soundbar is now a fairly well established piece of audio equipment: an elongated speaker that gives you better sound on your TV. Raumfeld goes a step further and introduces the Sound Deck: a speaker where you literally put your television on.

Sound Deck is pretty minimalistic design and fits perfectly in many interior. The front simply looks like one long speaker (or soundbar, if you like), but squarer. The device is large enough to be able to screen TV on a hefty lost. Useful if you do not have space in your entertainment center for a soundbar or separate speakers. Because the device is also so large subwoofer is already directly.

Installing the Sound Deck is quite simple, at least, after towing with your TV. The device can be connected to HDMI or optical audio cable. It also has a USB input and an analog input so that an auxiliary cable for example, a phone or MP3 player can be connected.
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Would you use the Sound Deck just for the TV, then you into it after puncturing the HDMI cable is actually ready. With the supplied remote control device to control fine. However, if you also connect it to your home network are suddenly a lot more options available. This may be connected to a network or via the corresponding Raumfeld app to go through some simple steps to connect to it via Wi-Fi.

This application can then be used to transfer music from a smartphone, tablet, PC or other media device to play the same network. Using the app is easy to identify a source and playback starts smoothly. And you do not own a mp3 files, FLACS or other personal files, it is also possible to play over the music like Spotify, or Tidal Napsters music.

Then the most important of a speaker: the sound. When Sound Deck is in that area okay. Thanks to the built-in subwoofer bass hits hard you fall to the ears, but fortunately adjust a few things. With just a little effort, I could produce a nice smooth sound. And for those with a large living room: it can be delicious too hard. That the neighbors at least let me know...

Sound Deck has a suggested retail price of € 999. With this he is a bit more expensive than most sound bars and wireless speaker system, though he or a built-in subwoofer. For example, a Playbar Sonos costs even € 799. The Sonos Sub there, the total already on a small € 1,600. Of course you can use this option to put the two devices on different locations for a little more room filling completely.

The Raumfeld Sound Deck is a very fine speaker for those seeking an all-in-one solution instead of a sound bar and a separate subwoofer. The whole is a touch on the price, but it all sounds excellent and very easy to install and use.

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