Review : Nexus 5X

Review : Nexus 5X

Tech November 27, 2015 18:15

- The Nexus 5 produce LG and Google two years ago a high-class phone. The device was relatively cheap, but on almost all fronts could easily compete with the high-end devices from other makers. Now there is the 5X, the successor to the 5. See if the companies get the trick yet again for another.

by The appearance of the 5X is fairly unobtrusive. The rear camera lens protrudes a bit, but that is processed in a rather neat way through the plastic around it to let up slightly rise. Most striking feature of the device is what's under the lens: a fingerprint sensor. The functionality later I still go on, but in appearance it's just a black circle. Remarkable is the choice of Google and LG (and Huawei with the Nexus 6P, moreover) to go for a C-USB port instead of the standard micro USB port. USB C is rapidly becoming the new standard and therefore offers some benefits. So it does not matter how you insert the plug into it, but it is inconvenient that this example you can not use old chargers. Doubly awkward is that a USB C-to-C USB cable is included, and the unit so therefore can not be inserted without gradient piece into a computer. Progressive have been fine, but this is quite customer unfriendly.   Hardware As we are used to Nexus phones, the 5X is also a fairly powerful phone. The Snapdragon 808 processor has six cores and is clocked at 1.8GHz. There is also 2GB of RAM available. Unfortunately is in the cheapest model only 16GB of storage memory and is not expandable. The 32GB version costs € 50 more. The Full HD screen is more sharp and gives good color good weather. The unit also performs very well. During normal use, you will not have sharp corners and edges, and even when you play graphics-intensive games keep the loading times within limits.   Camera The camera was one of the weakest points of the Nexus 5 and fortunately those of 5X is a lot better. This time, the device is equipped with a 12.3 megapixel camera with dual LED flash. On paper, so a high-performance camera which, in practice, also works well. Where the Nexus 5 many were struggling with fast focusing, which happens to 5X in a flash. Also take decent pictures in low light or indoor thanks to the f / 2. 0-diaphragm no problem. Making videos is also fine. By default, the device is set to Full HD quality, but it is also possible to record in 4K. Also can be slow motion video at 120 frames per second at 720p resolution. LG has recently released phones with good cameras and it looks like that it's taken this experience to the new Nexus. In a direct comparison with the iPhone 6s wins Apple device it yet, but it is much more expensive. On the front is a 5 megapixel camera, which is sufficient to enable video calling and to deal with the necessary selfies it.   Android Each Nexus device is specially designed to show what the latest version of Android can precisely and delivered at the 5X is therefore Android 6. 0 Marshmallow, the latest version of the operating system. Now it's true that version 6 is not a huge update and actually only has three major innovations. The first is Now On Tap. By pressing and holding the Home button in an app, the system analyzes the screen and displays the relevant information that it has pulled out of the Google search engine. Think like a page of a film at the site of the movie theater where you go: Now On Tap then displays information about the movie, including extracted from movie database IMDB. But for Dutch users, there is one "but": the service currently works only when the system language is English. Google is pretty good at quickly translating this stuff- at least better than major competitor Apple- so hopefully Now On Tap soon be available in Dutch. Another major innovation is less directly visible, namely App Rights. These questions apps per device component for permission to use it when necessary. WhatsApp so therefore asks only for permission to use the camera when you first want to take a photo and send. This way you get so no long laundry list of permissions when installing an app. This allows the use of apps a lot safer and you better know where exactly to your device reach. Finally, there is the addition of support for fingerprint sensors. As stated on the back of the device is a sensor and it works similar to how TouchID on the iPhone works. First you scan your print, and then you can unlock the phone with your finger. It works very smoothly and is a lot easier than using a pin or password. Google allows appmakers also able to make use of this sensor, so for example, you can unlock apps with your finger. Still, it is worth mentioning that the Nexus phones always the first to get new updates for Android. Where phones with special versions of the operating system, such as LG or Samsung, always until weeks or even months to be changed later, you can instantly enjoy new features with a Nexus.   Price and similar devices When the Nexus 5X was announced, was named as the price $ 379. If a similar price in the Netherlands would be maintained, the 5X really would have been a bargain. Unfortunately, the appliance here costs a whopping € 479 for the 16GB version. With that price the unit is well positioned in the immediate vicinity of other Android-toppers like the Galaxy S6 (available online for around € 470) and the LG G4 (from € 420). Both devices will soon receive an update to Android 6. 0 and come standard with 32GB of storage memory. Finally, there is of course the iPhone, which is available from € 749.   Conclusion The Nexus 5X is a great Android device. It is powerful, has a good camera and the new vingeradruksensor is very easy to use. The price is right to call, but it puts a lot that he is hefty expensive in our country than in his homeland. Especially since you have other high-end devices around that price with Android. But looking for a good device with the latest gadgets, and the guarantee that you get updates quickly, you'll have lots of fun on the Nexus 5X

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