Review: Moto Z Play and Mods

Review: Moto Z Play and Mods

Tech December 23, 2016 11:03

- While many talk about modular smartphones, the first phones need you can create even appear himself. Lenovo (Motorola owner) seems to walk the middle ground. The Moto Z series can be expanded by clicking on the accessories front.

I have the Moto S may play testing. The little brother of the Moto Z in various areas such as processor, memory and screen weaker. The dual-SIM smartphone has a Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB of RAM, a 16 megapixel camera and 5.5 inch full HD display with a resolution of 1920 by 1080. It is also an excellent device. He is not noticeably slower than the concurrenie and the screen is good.

Where the play but excels is the battery life. It has fetch a 3510 mAh battery (compared with the 2600 mAh of the Moto Z) and can take up to 50 hours in normal use. I'm a power user, but I made it easy to the end of the day with the Play, unlike other phones.

The device is attractive to look at, but with 6.99 mm or thicker than 5.19 mm from the Moto Z. The Play is again thinner than the iPhone 7 (7.1 mm). The thickness is, moreover, without an added accessory. The Hasselblad camera adds a lot to the dimensions of the device.

With True Zoom you have the idea to hold a camera instead of a telephone. The accessory you simply click on the back of the Moto S and the magnet at the bottom of the phone recognizes immediately which Mod you added. True Zoom fits comfortably in your hand and there is no need to awkwardly tapping the screen to take a picture. This accessory has its own camera button and it feels familiar.

What True Zoom adds 10 times optical zoom, which gives a much better result than the digital zoom of smartphones. Furthermore, the camera accessory in daylight good pictures. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to make HDR images. In poorly lit places, the True Zoom quite a lot of effort to capture the image properly. When I was in a dark room museum wanted to take a picture of shoes with black feathers, they were in the picture suddenly purple. Then you still have more to the camera of the smartphone.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Change the Z-Moto phones JBL Sound Boost in a real speaker. Useful for people who love listening music via smartphone, but the phone speakers are too weak. Sound Boost is available in black or white and is also an extra battery for 10 hours. To properly put the phone down and fully enjoy the sound, the accessory has a red standard.

Few people are likely to miss a beamer option on their phones. But suppose that would be available, you have these then need? The Insta-Share Projector Moto projected on the wall to see what is on the screen. That means for example, you can watch on vacation in a tent together Netflix or YouTube on the canvas. Not particularly necessary and significant to the price, but a very funny accessory. The projector has a standard and its own battery so that the Moto S less goes blank.

Basically, the Moto S Play lasts a long time, but if this is still not enough because you're going camping for example, you can click the Incipio offgrid Power Pack (black or white) on the back of the Moto Z Play. It gives you an extra 22 hours of battery life. The accessory charge has no connection. You let him just sit on the back of the phone, if you are hanging from the wall outlet.

The unit comes standard with a black fabric back cover. This feels a bit coarse, making be you need not worry that the phone slips your hands. Will you give Moto Z Play an upgraded display? Then there are three rear edges available real wood and one of black leather. There is also back cover of red dust. Itself I really like the back of gray wood on the black phone.

Want to use the Mods, but just a bit more power in terms of smartphone? Then the Moto Z (€ 629) is a good choice. LG has also modular accessories for the G5 (€ 450). There are just not as many as at Moto. Who wants to finally good pictures without having to carry everything is good with the Huawei P9 (€ 519) and double Leica camera lenses.

The Moto Z Play in itself is not a very exciting phone. In the same price range are to find better phones. However, where the smartphone stand out from the competition, the various snap-on accessories. If you do a thing for you and want to fall at a social gathering, then the Moto S Play is for you.

The accessories are not cheap, so weighed down what you really add value. Do you like taking pictures outside or miss optical zoom on mainstream smartphones, the Hasselblad True Zoom is a great option. The projector is very original, but due to the price. The extra battery Incipio is at this time of intensive smartphone usage always handy.

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