Review: Bose QuietComfort 35

Review: Bose QuietComfort 35

Tech August 16, 2016 12:27

- The level of ambient noise is increasing. Calls you unsolicited be imposed on the train, a crying child on the plane or neighbors who organize a party. Sometimes you might want to exclude the area outside and create a moment of peace. The new noise canceling headphones from Bose helps.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 may not be as flashy as a Beats of Skullcandy, but it has a beautiful sleek design and is not overly large. As a woman, I find that very important because some headphones seem huge on my head. The device is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon, which weighs just 310 grams. The soft ear pads provide good comfort.

The QuietComfort 35 is supplied with a hard case, so you can stop safely in your bag. The case is also a cable to charge the headphones, an audio cable for listening to music and a wired adapter for entertainment on the plane.
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The full specifications of the Bose QuietComfort 35 can be read here.

Bose delivers with this gadget for the first time on a wireless noise canceling headphones. You can make contact via Bluetooth with the device, but if your smartphone is equipped with NFC you put a connection faster by keeping them close together. A voice then tells you through the QuietComfort 35 with which phone he communicates.

When you turn on the headset using the switch on the right earcup it automatically searches contact with the smartphone. However, if you use the gadget with multiple devices, it is not always good. Via Bose Connect app (for both Android and iOS) you can enforce that connection is made with the by your desired phone.

The noise canceling works even if you connect the headset via audio cable to the smartphone or audio player. This is useful in the plane, where Bluetooth is turned off, and if you want to do more with the battery of the QuietComfort 35. Wireless, this 20th hour, and via cable 40 hours. When the battery is completely discharged, noice canceling is no longer available but using the audio cable you can continue listening to music.

The QuietComfort 35 has microphones on the inside and the outside of the ear and signals, measure and transmit unwanted noise to two digital chips- one for each ear- which react in a fraction with an identical anti-noise. Although you can use the headset also fine to turn to enjoy in silence through noise canceling, sounds of the train or plane fall even better road against the background by some music. That does not even have to be very hard.

Who would call quiet also benefit from the headphones. A dual microphone eliminates background noise, such as wind noise and hubbub. therefore calls sound clearer and more natural voices. It is also useful when using Siri and other virtual assistants.

Listening to music is a lot more enjoyable with a noise-canceling headphones because you need the volume served not more to have no more trouble in the area. That means you can peacefully enjoy the music. The sound quality is quite good. The sound is clear and the bass is just right, making good music comes into its own.

€ 379.95 is quite some money for the Bose Quiet Control 35, although the Sennheiser Momentum 2. 0 there again goes over to € 429. For € 329 you can use the 'older' Quiet Control 25 buy or Beats Wireless. Who can be an expensive noise canceling headphones from Sony serves the MDR ZX770BN (€ 159). Philips SHB9850NC costs € 169.

Using the Bose Quiet Control 35 is a relief, not only in traffic, but also on a busy workplace. Once used, you can not really do without. With a spicy price tag, however, it slightly more difficult to convince people. But who regularly travels on the plane or train, has certainly benefited from the soundproofing qualities. In addition, it is just a very nice headphones to listen to music.

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