Return home after neighbors quarrel

World December 20, 2017 10:30

london - A family has legally lost so much after a trailing eight-year neighbor's quarrel that they now have to give their own house with a value of 600,000 pounds to their neighbors.

And it all started with a scrap about an extension that was hanging nine inches in the other's garden. The Constantine and Ali families from London fought the battle for the civil judge, after which an eight-year legal trench warfare began.

With this week as a result that the family has complained that the other had built on their land, now all legal costs have to pay. And that bill has now risen to 132,000 pounds.

The Constatines do not have that money, after which the judge decided in a unique statement according to The Sun that neighbor Ali can then sell their house. The family must hand over the keys by January 5 at the latest. The Constatines have lived in the house for thirty years.

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