Residents disaster area Iran: 'Where is the help?'

World November 14, 2017 21:45

teheran - Survivors of the heavy earthquake in the border area of ​​Iraq and Iran struggle in the aftermath of the disaster with the elements. People also complain about the slow relief after the disaster, according to officials, 30,000 homes suffered damage.

'We are hungry. We suffer from cold. We are homeless and alone in this world, 'said a crying woman by telephone to Reuters. She said ten family members were killed in the heavily affected Iranian city Sarpol-e Zahab 'My house is now a pile of mud and broken tiles. I slept in the park last night. It's cold and I'm afraid. '

A man told Sarpol-e Zahab that 34 family members did not survive the disaster. They met because of a birthday when the quake hit the area. 'All family members were present, about fifty people. But now they're almost all dead, 'he said. 'We spent two nights in the cold. Where is the help? '

The Iranian state television showed images of dozens of tents in Sarpol-e Zahab. Groups of people gathered around campfires to stay warm. 'It's cold. My kids freeze. We have water and eat but no tent. The earthquake did not kill us, but the cold weather does, 'said a woman.

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