Republicans reluctantly behind Trump

Republicans reluctantly behind Trump

World July 17, 2016 17:30

cleveland - Donald Trump is this week primetime. His running mate Mike Pence is in the starting blocks and the Republican Party is more or less behind him. Who could have imagined a year ago, let alone dared to say aloud that the New York real estate tycoon at the convention in Cleveland would be nominated as a US presidential candidate?

However, the probability of life great is that Trump in the race for the White House record in November against Democrat Hillary Clinton. There is simply no alternative to his coronation. Opponents of the wealthy businessman keep quiet after a week already for a scrap of competitors.

Trump only gets green light on the last day of the convention, which is Monday at 19. 00 pm Dutch time begins. It would at the uninhibited nature of matching the protagonist as the meeting is a lot more spontaneous than before. Nevertheless, Trump is also trying to gain some presidential prestige. The decision Pence, an outspoken conservative Christian, to present Saturday roaring as vice president of the doubting party should pull over. That brings balance to the Republican campaign.
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Thursday evening Trump is back behind the lectern. That depends a lot from it.,, That speech at the convention is the most important moment of his campaign, 'said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak,,, with the largest audience for which he has ever occurred. There is a huge amount at stake. I expect a speech that very well thought, with language for maximum impact in the polls. He has only one chance for the nomination speech. ''

Trump before finally coming to the floor, a motley crew appears on the scene in Cleveland. There is a list of speakers, but no real agenda. It is expected that his wife Melania, so far in the background, Monday first prominent stripping the striker. Donald is itself probably in the hall. However, nothing is certain. Indeed, once Trump said he would break with tradition and every night to climb on the podium. There he came back, suggesting that it would continue with a daily video message.

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