Republicans: no evidence conspiracy Russia and Trump

Republicans: no evidence conspiracy Russia and Trump

World March 13, 2018 05:48

washington - The Republicans in the Committee of Inquiry of the House of Representatives state that they have found no evidence that Russia has intervened in the election campaign of US President Donald Trump. The committee has completed the hearings of the investigation into the alleged conspiracy.

'We have found no evidence for a conspiracy, coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians,' is the judgment of the Republicans who have drafted a 150-page report sent to the Democrats to judge.

Deputy Mike Conaway, who led the investigation, says they have spoken to everyone they wanted to speak. 'You never know what you never know, but we saw no reason to think that there is something we miss in this regard. 'According to Conaway, there were sometimes meetings that were inappropriate and could not have happened better.

The Republican findings were criticized from a Democratic point of view. The Democrats blame the Republicans for keeping Trump above their heads. Adam Schiff, a Democratic delegate in the committee, called the investigation 'fundamentally incomplete. 'The Democrats are expected to come up with their own report.

Trump himself tweeted after the news came out in capitals that the Intelligence Commission had found no evidence after 'fourteen months of thorough investigation'.

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