Republicans hoist Trump on the shield

Republicans hoist Trump on the shield

World July 18, 2016 06:18

cleveland - The US Republican Party begins Monday in Cleveland on a four-day convention to Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence on to hoist the shield for the presidential election in November. The convention delegates themselves take part in 2472, but are expected around 50,000 visitors.

Never chose Republican voters in the primaries as a controversial candidate as the 70-year-old billionaire Donald Trump. Even within the party there is great resentment against the man. To restore the unit Trump chose the Christian-conservative Pence as a candidate for vice-president.

Violence between police and the black community in the United States has led to great tensions, which may also be in Cleveland on the surface. The municipality wanted to keep protesters at 5 kilometers from the conference center, but an unusual coalition of Trump supporters, opponents and homeless managed to prevent this through the courts. Demonstrations must take place within sight distance, or 350 meters according to CNN. 5,000 agents and 2,500 meter steel fence should conventioneers safe and pilots to the convention center and demonstrators apart.
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