Republican senator and Trump critic stops

World October 24, 2017 22:24

washington - Republican senator Jeff Flake, in his own circle one of the most prominent critics of President Donald Trump, leaves national politics. He said in the newspaper Arizona Republic that he is out of the pass with the Grand Old Party (GOP) and does not resign. Flake also does not want to participate as an independent candidate in the forthcoming elections.

'For a Republican, if I'm probably no place in the current Republican climate or in the current Republican party,' said Flake. His term for the state of Arizona expires in 2018. By Flake's decision, the already vast majority of Republicans in the Senate (52 to 48 seats) may be at risk further next year.

Flake also held a dramatic speech on the Senate floor in Washington on Tuesday. 'American politics has become used to reckless, uncontrollable and unworthy behavior of the White House. The feeling of scapegoat and diminishing threatening us to turn into scared, rear-viewers, 'said Flake.

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