Republican Cruz cease campaign

Republican Cruz cease campaign

World May 4, 2016 06:14

- Donald Trump nothing seems able to stop to drag in the nomination of the Republican Party. His main opponent Ted Cruz last night threw in the towel after his loss in the primaries of Indiana.

Therefore only John Kasich will remain on as a competitor of the real estate tycoon. However, the governor of Ohio is so far behind that he seems to have no chance.

Cruz announcement came as a surprise. His mother, who was also on the podium, crying and could be heard from the audience that he should not concede.

The conservative senator from Texas had previously announced yet keep fighting until the party convention in July in Cleveland. But after the bash in Indiana, where many Christians and conservatives live, the devout Cruz saw no more salvation in a further battle with Trump.

The announcement seemed Trump raid later in the evening kept his victory speech from his headquarters in Trump Tower New York. The businessman thanked Cruz for the fight and called him a clever and formidable opponent. The Contested convention that everyone expected, now seems to be shelved.

The party Trump sees still does not sit, but now seems to have tack. Its popularity is unprecedented and he knows how to appeal to voters who did not previously vote.

Moreover, the hatred toward Democrats Hillary Clinton seems Republicans to unite so. Though it is not yet certain that Clinton gets the nomination for her party. Bernie Sanders makes it still very difficult for Foreign Affairs former minister under President Obama won yesterday in Indiana.

Clinton is still well ahead but could Sanders, a 74-year-old socialist senator from Vermont, do not shake to the annoyance of her campaign.

Nobody would have thought beforehand that Trump would rather be assured nomination than the former First Lady.

Trump could now focus his attention on Clinton ever visited one of his marriages. A new poll showed that Trump will win an infighting with Clinton, though aid in his back.

The question is whether the Republican Party elite really going to support him in the coming weeks. So far a lot of money and time is spent on anti-Trump campaigns, even by Republican supporters. According to Trump that there are a total of 60 000 negative ads about him aired recently. He yesterday called on the parties once again unite themselves and to rally behind him.

Now Trump has his hands free to focus on the Democrats, he will be hard at work need to get the female and Hispanic voters on board. By his remarks about women and Mexicans he scored poorly in both groups.,, I love winning with women, '' Trump said yesterday surrounded by his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka. Provisionally allow women still lie left him. However, the need to have on the other hand appear to male voters little of Clinton.

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