Repair Program for iPhone 6 Plus

Repair Program for iPhone 6 Plus

Tech November 18, 2016 08:39

- Apple has set up a special repair program for the iPhone 6 Plus. This was announced by the company from Cupertino Thursday. The problem with the iPhone 6 Plus includes the touchscreen, that in certain cases no longer responds to touch. The repair is not free: customers must pay 167.10 euros.

The first indications that there is a problem with the device is a gray, flickering bar at the top of the screen. Simultaneously, the screen responds less well to touch. According to iFixit. org, a website that focuses on the repair of Apple devices, the problem is not in the screen, but in two chips that sit at the top of the screen. That will fail if the device is bent.

That the iPhone 6 Plus can become bent quickly became known after the introduction of the device. Now, the bending problem appears therefore to have more consequences. iFixit speaks of a design flaw.

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