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A private wedding escalated from the hand at the famous Palace of Reggia near Naples caused a major riot. The Southern Italian copy of the Palace of Versailles was rented for € 30,000 to celebrate the marriage of a bridal couple.

Space had the Palace sufficient with its five floors and a total of 1200 rooms. But director Mauro Felicori of the Reggia had never previously lent the famous Reggia for a wedding party.

It went wrong the first time. A photograph leaked from a guy who climbed on a marble statue of a lion at the bottom of the grand staircase of the Reggia to place flowers. Many Italian media placed the photo and provided it with critical comments.

'At first I thought it was a good idea to get money in this way, but after seeing this photo I really got my reservations. This is kitsch without style and elegance, 'said MP Camilla Sgambata of the center-left government party PD.

There were many bad reactions among art historians in particular. 'In a time of growing inequality, the world becomes corrupted by the arrogance of the rich and a message is conveyed that anyone can buy what he wants with money. The Reggia is a national monument that is maintained with tax money from the ordinary citizen. It is not possible by the bracket that it is misused for parties of rich people, 'says the art historian Tomaso Montanari.

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