'Refresh Research on US Traveling Minister'

'Refresh Research on US Traveling Minister'

World September 14, 2017 09:15

washington - US Secretary of State Steven Mnuchin (Finance) wanted to use an air force device this year for his honeymoon to Europe. The inspector-general of his department investigates that unusual request, say sources against ABC News.

Mnuchin would have filed a written request for the use of a military aircraft. That taxpayer had cost about $ 25,000 per hour. The office of the minister drew back the application later.

A ministry spokesman said Mnuchin asked for such a device because he wanted to communicate safely. Eventually, there would have been other possibilities.

The inspector-general also investigated the ministerial travel behavior, which traveled to Kentucky with a government device last month. It is being investigated whether he did that in particular to look into his eclipse with his wife's eclipse. Mnuchin denies that with emphasis.

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