Rebels still prime suspect Thai attacks

Rebels still prime suspect Thai attacks

World August 29, 2016 13:15

bangkok - The Thai police in the investigation of the bombings of several resorts nevertheless the sights on Muslim rebels in the south of the country. The third suspect, the police on the grain, was involved in previous attacks by the insurgents.

Responsibility for the attacks in which four people died and were injured include four Dutch tourists, it is not claimed. The chief of the national police pointed an accusing finger at the opposition. However, the police have ordered the arrest of three southerners who maintained ties with the southern Thai rebels and the perpetrators seem now definitely seek in this corner.

The method of the perpetrators and the explosives being already in that direction, but the police stopped initially insisted that the rebels had nothing to do with the attacks. The Thai authorities have been struggling to downplay the guerrillas in the south not to deter tourists.
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