Rally in Israel against expelling Africans

Rally in Israel against expelling Africans

World March 25, 2018 09:27

tel aviv - Approximately 25,000 people demonstrated on Saturday night in Tel Aviv against the expulsion of Africans. The demonstration was organized by Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers in cooperation with Israelis from the south of the city, where many Africans have settled, the newspaper Haaretz reported.

The Israeli government plans to transfer 20,000 asylum seekers from Africa to Uganda and Rwanda. The operation would start on 1 April, but was suspended by the Supreme Court as a result of a legal battle over the expulsions.

Israel has offered asylum seekers from Africa a flight and money to sing it for some time, converted around 2800 euros. Whoever turns down the offer risks the prison. An estimated 37,000 people from Africa have sought refuge in Israel, most from Eritrea and Sudan.

Protestation has arisen against the deportation, often hammering on the history of Israel. The country was mainly founded by displaced people from Europe who had survived the persecution of the Jews from the years 1933-1945. As a country founded by refugees, Israel should not send Africans away, according to opponents of the expulsion plan. A group of activists has called for asylum seekers to be taken home to let them go into hiding. The group is therefore also called the 'movement Anne Frank Home Haven', after the abductor Anne Frank (1929-1945) murdered by the Nazis.

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