Raket pushes North Korea further into isolation

Raket pushes North Korea further into isolation

World August 29, 2017 16:09

new york - The rocket that fired North Korea on Tuesday morning, flying over Japan and eventually falling into the ocean after 2700 kilometers, caused a lot of turmoil. It's the second time Pyongyang chases the arm of the world with the launch of a projectile.

The United Nations Security Council meets in urgent meeting on Tuesday afternoon in New York. The North Korean ambassador to the United Nations previously blamed the United States. The US is working on 'an extremely explosive level,' he said. And so, North Korea is entitled to react with 'heavy countermeasures', according to Han Tae Song at a UN conference on disarmament in Geneva.

But Kim Jung-un and his paladines are becoming increasingly isolated. Years of Allies China did not hear, but Japan and South Korea all the more. The shocked Japanese Prime Minister Abe called with US President Trump. After the interview, the White House issued a statement: all options against North Korea are possible after Pyongyang's clear message.

The European Union condemned the launch of the ballistic missile for the medium distance through its foreign president Frederica Mogherini. The EU, in cooperation with the Security Council, wants to see how the North Korean action can be adequately addressed.

On behalf of the United Nations, Secretary General Antonio Guterres sentenced the flight of the rocket. The firing of it has an immediate effect: it makes the dialogue almost impossible. Also from Russia was critical. The Koreans must adhere to the agreements within the UN, according to Moscow.

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