Rain and snow

Rain and snow

World November 23, 2015 10:00

soest - After the first sign of frost nationwide allows us Monday night and Tuesday snow and rain to wait. This is done on the approach of a disturbance that will move very slowly across the Netherlands.

Monday-night and it begins to rain in the west. Further inland, the rain turns into sleet and east in dry snow. This occurs at temperatures between plus 2 degrees at sea and slightly below zero in the interior. The wind is blowing from the south and turns in the course of Tuesday to the west. The fault continues Tuesday lengthy determine our weather. The precipitation attracts only very slowly and in the interior can still fall winter rainfall.

Sunday night, the first nationwide frost this fall was measured. In De Bilt was minus 1.1 degrees. Gilze-Rijen the mercury plunged further below zero : over 4 degrees of frost. On the ground froze locally moderate. It's Monday appears dry and the sun. Temperatures walk in a northerly flow but with difficulty from 3 to 6 degrees. Monday night it gets cloudy and starts to rain from the west and snow.

Wednesday we are in soft sky. There is some time rain and the temperatures can rise to 7 degrees. Thursday rain and wind play a leading role and it is 8 degrees. Then we come back under the influence of high pressure. The wind will move to the east and the temperatures back to three to six degrees.

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