Rabbits Emile Ratelband stolen

Rabbits Emile Ratelband stolen

World December 11, 2015 20:49

brook - The Christmas classic ' Flappie ' haunted these days by his head. Emile Ratelband shudders at the mere idea that his stolen rabbits in a few weeks be served as Christmas table. He credits therefore 500 euros for the golden tip.

At first he thought the five snow-white bunnies just had the legs taken from the aviary at his home in the outskirts of the Achterhoekse Beek.,null, Or that maybe some prey she had outwitted. "That's why he bought seven new bunnies. But which are now missing.,null, I then informed by my neighbor and he was robbed of his rabbits. And we do not seem the only ones in the neighborhood. In numerous places here in the Achterhoek rabbits robbers active. "Around doing now stories about a white van in which the 'Flappie-thieves were driving around, so has Ratelband able to trace.,null, And they would have foreseen the particular white copies. For the Christmas table, or to make a fur coat out of it perhaps? Who knows. "The offspring of the positivity guru has since been inconsolable.,null, My children six and eight years come here once every two weeks there and have already called several times what about the rabbits. But they are still untraceable. Therefore I will now 500 euro uitloof for the golden tip that leads to the return of these animals. Because you still should not think that they'll soon have to serve as bontmanteltje. Or they are eaten at Christmas. I myself am a vegetarian. Then eat your rabbit a bit like eating your own dog or cat. Just the thought of it turns my stomach to. "Police also reports not be aware of the alleged van with rabbits robbers.

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