'Quarrel led to chaos London'

World November 25, 2017 20:21

london - The British police questioned two men in connection with the alleged 'shooting' at the Oxford Circus metro station in London on Friday afternoon, reports the BBC. Later it turned out that sixteen people were injured by the panic that arose.

The police had distributed photos of the two. She thinks the men were involved in an altercation that ultimately led to panic. The men of 21 and 40 years volunteered at a police station after a call.

The police also had no indication on Saturday that shots had actually been fired. Travelers who were present at the station during the incident and the subsequent evacuation are called to report, so that the police can know exactly what has happened.

Eyewitnesses reported a true mass hysteria when it appeared that shots were falling. People cried and screamed, and fell over each other. The police assumed a terrorist attack and sent armed units to Oxford Circus, in the heart of London.

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