Qualcomm: Apple threatens and lies

Qualcomm: Apple threatens and lies

Tech April 11, 2017 10:06

taipei - Chip maker Qualcomm's counterattack on Apple. That was in January filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm, which has filed a counter claim. Qualcomm says Apple violates contractual agreements and lying about the contents of agreements. Moreover, Apple would lie to unleash Supervisors Qualcomm. Qualcomm says that Apple is trying to force the company to silence.

'' We were really stunned by some points in their indictment. This is our attempt to answer some disturbing elements, '' said a representative of Qualcomm told Bloomberg.

Qualcomm, owner of the Dutch NXP, has many patents on chip technologies. The company earns money by licensing the use by smartphone makers like Apple. Apple says Qualcomm asking too much money and abuse of its monopoly.

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