Putin wanted to shoot a plane in 2014

Putin wanted to shoot a plane in 2014

World March 11, 2018 16:30

moscow - In 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the shooting of a hijacked Turkish passenger plane that might be used to carry out an attack on the opening of the Winter Games in Sochi.

This revelation can be seen in a documentary entitled 'Putin' that was distributed via Russian social media on Sunday. The president says that he was warned by security officials at the Winter Games shortly before the opening ceremony started.

'I was told that a hijacker from a plane with a bomb wanted to land on board at the airport of Sochi. After being asked for advice, I was told that in such situations it is customary for the aircraft to be shot from the air, 'said Putin in the film.

Putin did not have to make that decision in the end because it later turned out that the hijacker was a drunken passenger and there was a false alarm. It was a device of the Turkish company Pegasus Airlines with 110 passengers on board that was on its way from Ukraine to Turkey.

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