Put a picture of airline ticket online

Put a picture of airline ticket online

World October 9, 2015 19:36

- Never place a picture of your ticket or your boarding card at a site such as Facebook or Twitter . Throw it also never just gone. An attacker can connect with the bar behind your personal information and wreak evil. Before that warns the American security expert Brian Krebs.

The tickets are barcodes that can be cracked on special websites. People can be so names, account numbers and personal details of the passengers achterhalen.Krebs cites the example of a Lufthansa passenger.

After scanning the barcode on a Facebook Photo managed to log on to the customer site of Lufthansa. There, not only was the flight itself, but also all flights booked passengers in any company that cooperates with Lufthansa.

It was even possible to cancel flights.

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