Purser American Airlines strikes passengers

Purser American Airlines strikes passengers

World April 22, 2017 10:03

san francisco - After United Airlines, American Airline also has to fly American Airlines, after one of her employees had hit a passenger with two children. That incident occurred on a flight from San Francisco to Dallas-Fort Worth when a woman with two little children had to hand out her stroller.

According to witnesses, the trolley was detained with violence, which led to the woman to severe emotions and to other passengers to much outrage. One of them filmed everything that happened afterwards. A male passenger who interfered with the matter was challenged by the American Airlines officer: 'Hit me!'

The video was made by another passenger, Surain Adyanthaya, who reported to be filming after the American employee 'with some violence unpacked a baby's baby carriage, the lady was beaten and just missed the chin. '

Adyanthaya continues: 'They took her away from the plane and took their staff back on board, after which they wanted to fight with other passengers. An excuse to the woman did not come. '

American Airlines has expressed its regret. 'What's on this video is not how we deal with our customers. '

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