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World December 14, 2017 13:51

kentucky - The best campaign against excessive lying under the solarium can be written by Tawny Willoughby from Kentucky.

Her selfie in 2015 after a skin cancer treatment has made millions of people worldwide think, according to research into social media behavior after her publication.

After a life full of intensive tanning beds, sometimes four times a week, the blonde had been told by the doctor at the age of 21 that she had skin cancer. Years of painful treatment followed.

The photo she made after 27 years of painful treatment again caused a shock wave through the world. At her Facebook post she wrote: 'If someone needs a reason not to go under the sunbed: here he is!'

The journal Preventive Medicine now looked after the archives and since the Facebookpost 161 found reports on Tawny and the dangers of the sunbed. The stories and of course especially the horrible photo were shared tens of thousands of times.

According to John Ayers of San Diego State University, these pruning messages and reposts were much more effective than the umpteenth campaign that you have to tan carefully, according to Live Science.

Since Tawny, now called Dzierzek from behind, came out of the closet, Google's number of searches for 'skin cancer' and 'skin cancer prevention' increased by hundreds of thousands.

Whether the number of skin cancer patients has grown less fast due to her photo, is still the question. The number is still rising fast.

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