Protests in Iran against government

World December 30, 2017 04:36

teheran - In at least six cities Iran has been demonstrated against the government. People initially took to the streets to protest against rising food prices and corruption, but the demonstrators also quickly targeted the government in general.

On images of social media you can see that the riot police are using water cannons and tear gas against the demonstrators. The demonstrations were the largest in Kermanshah, a city in the west of the country. People also took to the streets in the northern part of Rasjt.

The demonstrators shouted slogans as 'the people beg and the clergy behave like God. 'They also called for the release of political prisoners. The protests also focused on Iran's involvement in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. Thursday was also demonstrated.

It is the biggest protest since 2009. Then large-scale protests broke out because many believed that the elections, whereby Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected president, had been falsified. According to Iran itself, the so-called Green Revolution was conceived in Washington, and carried out according to the principles of 'revolution expert' Gene Sharp, who according to Iran was a secret CIA agent. Several demonstrators were convicted for using his 'manual'.

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